Meet SHIBex

A fully decentralized, non-custodial, true limit-orderbook exchange, where SHIB is the Quote token for all trading. SHIB is at the center of the exchange, and all other tokens are traded and quoted in SHIB directly. Not ETH, not BTC or USDT.

On SHIB Exchange, everything is priced in SHIB. In a typical exchange, your quote markets are usually BTC, ETH, USDT etc, meaning if you want to buy for example LINK token, it is priced in USDT or in ETH, so the pair is LINK/ETH or LINK/USDT.

In SHIB Exchange, the pair would be LINK/SHIB and the price of LINK is represented in SHIB tokens

Why SHIBex?

Why is SHIB Exchange important to the SHIB Economy?

With a decentralized order-book exchange where every coin and every token’s price are quoted with SHIB, we will solidify the value of Shiba Token and help move it to become not just the DOGE killer, but also the BTC killer.

“For years, the main trading quote coins were BTC, ETH and USD. Then came the stablecoins as quotes, like USDT. This has helped the growth and use of these coins in the overall cryptocurrency market. There are very few other coins in the world that are used by exchanges as a Quote on their orderbooks.

This ends now - with SHIB Exchange.”

SHIBEx is a gamechanger for SHIB!

Decentralized Token Listings

The SHIB economy belongs to all of us. As a decentralized exchange, SHIBEx will enable any project to list their token for trading on the orderbook 100% free and permissionless.

On-Chain Non-Custodial Trading

SHIBExchange is a 100% decentralized fully on-chain limit orderbook exchange.

Community Market Making

Market making is important for orderbook trading, and Market Makers often make profits from it.
SHIBEx will enable the SHIB community to perform professional market making without any coding by developing a Hummingbot Exchange Connector.
Market makers will earn trading rebates, as well as token incentives.
Projects who list their token for trading will be able to provide token incentives into the platform.


The SHIB Exchange token (SHIBX) is the core token of the exchange and accrues all trading fees, provides governance, liquidity rewards and more.

SHIBX will be issued for sale initially to our community through a dedicated token sale. The token sale date has not been scheduled yet. 
At the launch of SHIB Exchange on Shibarium Mainnet, SHIBX token will begin to trade the exchange as the first ever SHIB quoted pair: SHIBX/SHIB.Immediately thereafter, multiple major coins will be listed on the exchange as SHIB pairs, such as BTC/SHIB, ETH/SHIB, and USDT/SHIB.


Project Timeline

The SHIB Exchange project began in late 2021. At the time, we were considering which chain to build it on and had not concluded the right choice, until later when the plans for Shibarium were announced.
With Shibarium in beta, we have been developing SHIB Exchange and expect the timeline as follows:
  • The designs of SHIB Exchange started (September 2021)
  • Project public website and twitter (Nov 2021)
  • TESTNET ETA: June 2023
  • Community Token Sale Start: TBD
  • Token Distribution and DEX Listings: TBD
  • Official SHIB Exchange Mainnet Launch on Mainnet – At time of Shibarium Mainnet.
  • First ever SHIB Quote Pair listing – SHIBX/SHIB pair listing on SHIBex – Mainnet
  • Trading Pair Listings freely open to everyone – Mainnet
  • Hummingbot Exchange Connector – Mainnet
  • SHIBX token listings on centralized exchanges (TBD)

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